Senior Fall Prevention

A simple accident can cause a great change in life. Tipping to stone, slipping on a slippery surface, or falling on hard ground can induce small to severe injury, especially for seniors. As we grow older, the healing ability of our body declines. Even minor injuries, like scrapes or cuts, can take more time for senior people with diabetes. Thus, it is crucial to prevent elders from falling. In home Physiotherapy for seniors in Mississauga manifests a higher advantage in senior fall prevention. Patients who engage in physical therapy for a considerable amount of time are more capable of maintaining their body balance. 

What causes falls in older adults?

  • Getting older causes poor eyesight and hearing and even weakens reflexes which can lead to falls.
  • People with diabetes, heart disease, or thyroid can lose balance which leads to a fall.
  •  Nerve problems also impact body balance, and you might fall.
  • Seniors with low blood pressure might feel dizziness or lose their balance and end up falling.
  • Many elderly often suffer from foot problems, and arthritis can impact your mobility and sense of balance. 
  • Wearing high heels or shoes with less friction increases the risk of falling.

How In home Physiotherapy for Seniors Prevents Elders from falling?

Aging can impact strength, swiftness, and even stamina which leads to weakness. For elders, simple movements like walking or sitting can be uncomfortable, especially if they have arthritis. Many people often intend to take the assistance of others instead of walking independently to avoid the pain and chance of falling. In home Physiotherapy for seniors in Mississauga can be beneficial for them to reduce pain, stiffness, and swelling. At Thera Zone, we utilize different strategies and techniques for seniors to avoid and prevent falling. In addition, we offer therapies for patients who have gotten injuries while falling. For more information, click here.