Our Certification

Courses Certifications

  • NDT introductory course (13 hours) in the management of adults with stroke, brain injury and other neuromotor disorders Nov 2022, Karen Guha, Waterloo
  • Concussion Rehab-Level 1, May 2022 Shannon McGuire, Toronto
  • Advanced Vestibular Rehab Jan 2022 Bernard Tonks, Toronto
  • Vestibular Rehab- A comprehensive Introduction(14 Hours) Oct 2021 Bernard Tonks, Toronto
  • Corona Virus Disease program/Respiratory Management of people with COVID-19( Online Physiopedia/plus London, UK
  • ADP Authorizer training and Authorization Status, April 2020, MOHLTC, ON
  • FIM Training- Dec 2017, CIHI-Canadian Institute for health information
  • Post Graduate in Acupuncture and Dry Needling, June 2016, Meridian Health Education, Toronto
  • Context of Physiotherapy Practice in Canada, 3 months online, Spring 2014, University of Toronto
  • Core Stability Exercise and Training, May 2011 Vinod B, India
  • MSK Examination and Taping, January 2011, Alison T & Evan C, Curtin University Australia
  • Shoulder Rehabilitation , Nov 2010, D Reed, University of Sydney Australia
  • World Physiotherapy Conference, June 2011, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  • Women’s Health Care , November 2009 Mariet Mulders, Belgium
  • Arthro-kinematic Approach/ HAKATA Technique, 2009, Kanchan S ,Nepal

Awards and Achievements

  • Star Award- Recognition Award , August 2019, SE Health, Mississauga ON
  • President–NEPTA, Nepal PT Association, a member of WCPT) 2009-2011
  • University 4th Rank 1st Year- Human Bio- Mechanics in Physiotherapy